Information about science and technology in Russia

S&T Gate RUS.EU: Identify and analyse the S&T Potential of EU-Russia Cooperation

Information about nanotechnology in Russia:

National contact point for FP7-NMP in Russia
Federal portal nanotechnology in Russia (in Russian):
Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO):

European sources for nanotechnology

Nanotechnology homepage of the European Commission
European Nanotechnology Gateway: internet platform with database about nano-orgaizations
Internet platform providing information on current trends in nanotechnology
Information about nanoscience research, and opportunities for collaboration between scientists in the EU and International Cooperation Partner Countries (ICPC)
EUREKA programme CATRENE - Cluster for Application and Technology Research in Europe on NanoElectronics
European Integration and Innovation Platform

European Technology Platforms

ENIAC - Technology platform for nanoelectronics
Photonics21 – Technology platform for the development and deployment of photonics
Nanomedicine - Application of nanotechnology to achieve breakthroughs in healthcare
PhotoVoltaic - Photovoltaic technology platform aiming at mobilising all the actors shar-ing a long-term European vision for photovoltaic
EPoSS - The European technology platform on smart systems integration
Manufuture -The technology platform on future manufacturing technologies
MINAM - European technology platform for micro- and nanomanufacturing
SusChem – The European technology platform for sustainable chemistry
EuMaT - European technology platform for advanced engineering materials and tech-nologies